The powerful and vulnerable Earth - March, April 2010 in Železný Brod

There was opend the exposition named "The powerful and vulnerable Earth" in showroom on the square in Železný Brod in March and April. The department of education and culture of Železný Brod town hall caters administratively the exhibition and lectures. Themes deal with the depth of Earth, oceans, origin of life on Earth, underground water, soils, resources of raw material, natural danger and influence of rock surroundings on health, was supplemented by exhibition of dinosaurs by Mr. Lampa from Bozkov. The survey of Mesozoic lords on Earth was inserted to the landscape in Geopark and beside the present buildings. Everyone was able to compare the size of these animals with buildings, bus or trees. Part of the exhibition was devoted to the oceans, which was flooding the Geopark in the past.

Volcanic activity is one of manifestation of the internal energy of Earth so in the present. Volcanological themes are in the centre of general attention not only thanks to the Icelandic volcanoes Eyjafjallajökull, but also because the volcanic activity was awaken three times in Geopark in the geological past.

The action was met with interest of schools and students from fourth to ninth classes. The exhibition was complemented by live commentary and lectures about the rock towns and volcanic activity in the Geopark. During the projection, the students acquainted with the history of Bohemian Paradise Geopark and the activity of UNESCO European Geoparks.

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Petrified woods messengers of old history - july - August 2010 in Turnov, after in Nová Paka

The petrified woods had been formed when they were buried under the layers which prevented entry the oxygen and added the ions for the process of petrification. The solutions which was coloured by mineral pigments had transfused through the vessels and annual rings. They were changed  to the opal, chalcedony and other variants of quartz by these solutions. Their dark sometimes black colour is caused by the softly dispersed carbon, red colour is caused by oxides of iron in cornelian, bluish colour by chalcedony. There are many localities in Czech republic where these messengers of old history are found. Bohemian Paradise belongs to the prestige localities of petrified plants occurrence which was preserved from Paleozoic era, Mesozoic era and Tertiary. The deposites are known from north and north – east Bohemia, from neighbourhood of Plzeň , Rakovník, in Doupovské mountains and else. The european UNESCO Bohemian Paradise Geopark in the neighbourhood of Nová Paka belong among the notable localities of occurrence, too. Works of nature in the photographies of Dr. Bořek Zasadil and Jiří Bouda will not surpass none painter. The exhibition will be in Turnov till 28th of August 2010 and then it will be in Nová Paka.

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