Permanent expositions

New permanent exposition in Regional museum in Jawor in Poland

Bohemian Paradise Geopark had participated at the formation of geological exposition in Regional museum in Jawor. New permanent exposition „Treasures of Sudetenland“ was opened in February 2010. Sudetenland presents the real treasury of nature. The exposition acquaints  with the richness of shapes and colours of crystals of various minerals. Geological researches have indicated that this area is one of the most interesting in Europe for 70 years. The huge deposits of copper were found near Lubin and Polkowice in the 20th century. These deposits belong to the biggest resource of rare rhenium. The mining of gold has a tradition and the platinum metals were found here, too. Here are deposits of coal, petroleum and natural gas which also encompasses rare helium. Sudetenland belongs between the biggest producers of building materials in Poland. Here were found the precious stones: agates, ambers, nephrite, amethyst, crystals and bull quartzes. The Chrysoprase was used by Charles IV. for the interior decoration of St. Vaclav´s chapel in the St. Vitus cathedral. There are unique petrified fishes which are old more than 230 million years in a paleontological section. The exposition „Treasures of Sudetenland“ was realised in a project Treasury (Skarbiec) which is a part of Czech – Polish programme End III ( the registration number: CZ.3.22/2.2.00/08.00640)of Liberec region.


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