International year of Earth 2009 - geological sciences for society

The International year of Earth 2009 declared by UN belong to actions, involving the ten countries around the world. There were presented the work results of more than 400 thousand scientists from around the world in his course. The programme of Year of Earth was concentrated at the 10 themes. The raw material resources and life on the Earth, the health in the connections with the geological environment, the climate and his changes, underground water, an oecan, the soils, the depths of Earth, the expansion of urban agglomerations and the natural hazards belonged between them. Present geology reconstructs the actions which are million years old.  The past is the key to the future, and therefore the geology enables to foretell the future of Planet Earth. The Evoluiton of life and the geological conditions on the Earth´s surface create the connected containers. The oceans are the key to the comprehension of the evolution of life. The sea sediments include the records about the climate and the life which have accumulated for hundreds million years. The oceans are inter alia the engine room of world climate. They absorb the carbon dioxide and inhibit the global warming  so far. The changes of sea currents shape  the climate on the land mass. The soils create the life-giving upper skin of planet and they are source of nutrients for the plant growth almost 400 million years. Everything what we produce and use comes from the Earth. The Earth give us the raw materials which are the indispensable for survival. The mineral raw materials belong to the important themes. Some of them, such as water which will decide on the further development of civilization, is a renewable resource. Other raw materials, such as the fossil fuels, are not the renewable. The natural hazards are topical, too. Among these hazards belong for example floods, slope movements, volcanic activity, earthquakes and tsunami.

What would be more interested for us than the planet Earth, her history, present and future? Planet Earth is a complex system that is constantly evolving. The travelling exhibition "The powerful and vulnerable Earth" acquaints with the latest pieces of knowledge.



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