Short description of the Geopark

The territory was repeatedly bottom of lakes and seas and several times the volcanic activity was here in progress of a few hundred million years of Earth history. Bohemian Paradise region began to develop the geological activity during the Mesozoic era, when the sand and gravel were settled on the bottom of Cretaceous sea. The sandstone slabs were broken up by volcanic activity and the hot rocks stiffened below the surface and created the piles and cones in the Tertiary. Later, the natural forces - wind, water, frost and sun caused on the surface. The effect of this is a wild landscape with rocks, volcanoes, rivers, romantic valleys, forests, meadows and ponds.  Water below the surface created unique Bozkov caves with interesting karstic phenomenons.

The varied geological processes created the deposits of iron ore, copper and mercury, precious stones, coal, building stone, roofing slate, glass sand, limestone, brick and ceramic clay. The local processing of precious stones is one of the oldest in Europe. Here is interesting occurence of fossilized remains of plants and animals and araucaria, too. The Bohemian Paradise provides images of the Earth geologic history and demonstrates the meaning of natural conditions for economic and cultural development of human society over the several millennium.

A Geopark seeks to conserve significant geological, natural and archeological localities, and explore and demonstrate methods for excellence in conservation. Geopark ensures adequate protection measures in consultation with collaborating universities, Czech geological survey, or relevant statutory bodies in accordance with legislative obligations and local traditions.


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